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Pruning is the process of trimming your trees and other shrubbery, in a form of preventative maintenance. Pruning is important because it alters the form and growth of trees or shrubs to keep them in a controlled state, many problems can be averted with proper pruning. Many times it can be hard for a homeowner to see when or why their trees need to be pruned, which is why it is important to have a professional regularly prune your tree.

Here are some of the top reasons to prune or trim your trees this season.

  1. Pruning can improve the overall health of your trees. By eliminating branches that are dead or dying you can help improve your trees’ health. Branches that are dead or dying can be dangerous and difficult to remove, it is important to get a professional to safely remove these branches as they can potentially harm your family or property if they fall.
  2. Trimming your trees branches can increase sun exposure and air circulation throughout the rest of you yard. If you have large trees that block the sun from underlying landscape it can prevent them from growing, by trimming these branches you can help improve the overall health of your landscaping.
  3. Pruning your trees will improve the overall appearance and structure of your tree. This will not only help your trees look better it will also keep them from developing broad or weak branches. Regular pruning prevents limbs from crossing each other and competing for space in the crown.
  4. Tree trimming can open up your property and improve your view. If you have a large tree with lots of branches trimming can help control them and allow for you to have a better view.
  5. One important time to prune your trees is when they are newly planted. Newly planted trees should be pruned to compensate for root loss and to begin training the shape of the tree.

At Lola’s Landscape, we provide full-service pruning from your largest trees to your smallest shrubs we will help maintain the health and natural beauty of your plants. Contact us today for your free estimate and to book your next pruning service.


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