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Fall is the perfect time to gather around a roaring fire with friends and family. Fire pits are a great activity on a chilly fall night. But have you ever been consumed by smoke so thick it ruins the night? This may be because you are burning the wrong type of wood.

Many times people use outdoor fires as a way to dispose of unwanted sticks, wood and other debris. But this method will not lead to a desirable fire. Burning this type of material can lead to Smokey fires that aren’t always enjoyable to relax by. If you are planning an outside fire in a fire put to truly enjoy it is important to be prepared and consider the proper wood you will burn.

One of the most important things when it comes to wood burning it to make sure your wood is thoroughly dried out previous to burning. Dry wood has benefits that will assure you a successful outdoor fire for all to enjoy.

Properly dried wood has many benefits including,

  • Easy to Start; dry wood is easier to light than wood with moisture in it making getting your fire started quick and simple.
  • Produces More Heat; Dry wood burns 35% more efficiently than regular wood which will come in handy on those chilly fall nights.
  • Burns Cleaner; Dry wood produces less smoke because there is no moisture to “burn off” this results in a much more enjoyable experience for all.
  • Burns Efficiently; Dry wood burns more efficiently which means you will be using less wood to produce the same amount of heat.

At Lola’s Landscape, we provide only the best wood, primarily using oak, ash and cherry wood. We chop the firewood into our trucks ourselves, to ensure all of our customers are getting the highest possible quality of wood.

We also know you are very busy which is why we deliver our firewood right to your home! We deliver our firewood to the cities and towns of Norfolk County. For more information on our firewood service please give us a call at 774-248-4584.


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