Benefits of Mulching in the Fall

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Contrary to popular belief mulching is not only important in the hot spring and summer months but is also just as important during the cooler fall months. When the colder weather of the fall sets in and the ground begins to freeze roots can become exposed. Mulching aids in balancing the temperature, the mulch acts as a warming blanket to protect your lawn from the cold.

Mulching in the fall has more benefits than just protecting your plants from the cold temperature. One of the other benefits includes reduced water loss in the soil. Mulch has the ability to conserve soil moisture. Applying mulch keeps the soil from drying out, which will help you conserve water because you won’t have to be watering your lawn as often. So in the fall when there is less rainfall in than in the spring or summer months your plants and lawn will be able to retain that water and stay healthy.

Mulching also suppresses weed growth and proper mulching can practically eliminate the need for weeding. Having a layer of mulch on your lawn will stop the production of weeds by blocking sunlight from reaching the weeds, and without sunlight weeds will be unable to grow.

Mulching in the fall is important for your plants in the spring it helps protect them and keeps your yard looking fresh after the harsh winter months.

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