Benefits of Winter Tree Pruning

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It is important to care for your trees not only in the warm seasons but all year round. Long term maintenance and pruning can ensure your trees will continue to provide beauty and function come spring time. Proper and continued pruning can also help reduce the potential for loss of tree limbs and other potentially dangerous branches falling off during winter storms.

Pruning in the winter can be beneficial for many reasons. Pruning in mid to late winter when many plants are dormant invigorates the plants for growth during the spring. The plants “wounds” are exposed for a limited amount of time for the growing cycle. Well pruned plants often grow better, are more ascetically pleasing and can help ward off pests and disease.

Another benefit to pruning in the winter is it becomes easier to see what you are doing. Once the leaves have dropped completely from the tree it can be easier to assess what needs to be pruned. Winter also provides a clear view for spotting problems on trees including weak branch attachment, insect damage and more. Take advantage of this opportunity to care for your trees in the winter and call Lola’s Landscape for your free tree consultation.



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