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A roaring fire is a great way to stay warm in the upcoming cold winter months. Do you have a fireplace or wood burning stove in your home? Make sure to stock up on firewood this winter to ensure your home is ready for no matter what Mother Nature throws our way. Determining which firewood is best for you depends on the particular needs and preferences of your fire.

It is important that the firewood be seasoned correctly with a low moisture content. When trees are first cut down they have a lot of moisture and they need to properly season to get the moisture content down. Burning unseasoned woods leads to flames that produce less heat and more smoke. Heavy smoke is an unhealthy pollutant which can clog your chimney and cause other problems.

At Lola’s Landscape we make sure to dry and season all of our wood properly to ensure the best burn. We provide only the best wood to our customers primarily using hardwoods including oak, ash, and cherry wood. These hardwoods are dense and provide the most efficient fire possible helping to give off more heat. These logs burn more slowly and produce hotter and more intense fires.

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