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Many homeowners think they can maintain their own lawn, but it is important you understand proper lawn care maintenance first. These common lawn care mistakes can be detrimental to the health and well-being of your yard. And now that spring is here and homeowners are more active in their yard, it is important to remember to avoid these common lawn mistakes.

Watering Your Lawn Too Much

A lawn is a living organism and needs the right amount of nutrients and care to survive. Too much water may not necessarily be a good thing. When you over water your lawn you are essentially drowning your grass. To keep your lawn properly maintains and alive, water on a regular schedule with a few days in-between to avoid over watering.

Mowing Too Often

Grass also needs nutrients from the sun in order to grow. If you are moving your lawn too frequently or mowing the grass to low your yard may have a hard time growing to obtain nourishment from the sun. How often you cut your lawn will have a direct effect on its health. Maintain a regular schedule with the correct mowing height and your lawn will grow strong and healthy.

Using The Wrong Type of Grass

Different climates and geographical locations require different types of grass. If you are using the wrong type of grass for your climate it could be very detrimental to its health. Make sure you are using the proper type of grass for your environment or else no matter what you do your lawn will never be able to survive.

One of the biggest landscaping mistake you can make on your lawn is not trusting the experts. At Lola’s Landscape, we understand the needs of your specific lawn and can make sure to take the necessary steps to help maintain a lush and healthy lawn. Contact us today to schedule your next landscaping service!

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