Do I really need a Fall Cleanup?

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There is no denying that fall is here and summer is officially behind us. The temperatures have dropped and the leaves have even begun to fall from the trees. Soon your lawn will be covered and leaves and you may begin to think do I need a fall cleanup?

If you are thinking you do not need to take care of the leaves on your lawn before winter hits you are mistaken. If the leaves & other debris on your lawn are not removed, they will stay there, all winter long. The problem with this, is that leaves are organic material and will decompose and rot during this time.

Over the course of the winter and early spring the leaves on your lawn will break down and decompose on the grass you worked hard to get green all summer long. Combine the rotting with moisture from the melting snow you have a breeding grown for mildew and fungus. Rotten leaves can change the PH of your soil making it difficult to grow grass in the future which results in spotty patchy grass come spring.

So if you’re thinking of skipping your fall clean up this season you may want to think again. At Lola’s Landscape we understand that fall clean ups can be very difficult and time consuming which is why we offer full service clean ups for your yard this fall.

Our fall clean up service usually starts around the middle of October, and extends into November and early December. We will remove all leaves and other debris from your lawn and shrubs. We can also remove any old perennial tops, to make room for their new bud in the spring!

If you have any questions about the cost, and the time frame of the cleaning project, give us a call at 774-248-4584. We will gladly go over any questions or concerns you may have regarding the cleanup project. We look forward to working with you on your next clean up job, or any other landscape job!


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