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At Lola’s Landscape, we believe that to get something done right you should bring in the experts. After years of experience, we know what it takes to repair your lawn and the damage done to it from previous homeowners. With that being said, we also understand that sometimes you just want to do it yourself – but the least we can do is provide you with some background information on compact equipment for your lawn. 


Excavators come in a variety of different sizes in order to fit different needs depending on the job. First things first, it is important to figure out if it is smartest to rent or buy the equipment – or to just bite the bullet and bring in Lola’s Landscape Excavation Services. Below are some benefits for renting or buying compact excavation equipment and then we will explore what size equipment will be good for you. 


Renting an Excavator

Renting excavation equipment can be the best solution for homeowners who don’t want to make this jump of purchasing a single type of machine. Those who are in a time of financial uncertainty, renting could be the best option for low financial burden. Renting equipment brings with it no long term commitments for a specific type, as with renting you can acquire the best for each job. Lastly, renting equipment limits the maintenance costs that can come with owning machinery such as compact excavators. 


Leasing an Excavator

Leasing this type of equipment can be extremely useful for those who don’t want to make the commitment of buying the equipment but who will need it for a substantial amount of time – typically it is a fixed amount for 12 to 36 months. Leasing can quickly reduce maintenance cost as you can quickly circulate different equipment for different terms. Choosing between leasing and renting boils down to how long you will need the equipment for – if you are renting for 6 months or a year, it may make more sense to lease which will allow you the option to purchase at the end of the term. 


Buying an Excavator

Deciding whether or not to buy excavation equipment is dependent on the rate of utilization. If you are using it on a regular basis by the end of your leasing term, maybe it would make more sense to discuss buying options at the end. If you plan on keeping the equipment around for when you need it, buying it will be the most cost-effective option. 


When should you contact Lola’s Landscaping? 

With all these options in mind, there are times when it is useful to bring in the expert excavators. Doing the dirty work of excavating on your own can be dangerous and can result in fines and damage to your property if not done correctly. Professionals bring the correct equipment for the job and any necessary add-ons they may need to protect your property. Additionally, using heavy machinery can come with unexpected problems such as soil unpredictability – muddy soil, rocky soil, sand, etc. If you are having any doubts of using an excavator on your lawn, contact us today at 774-248-4584 or request a site visit so you can learn how Lola’s can help! 

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