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Installing a lawn can be a fun yet challenging task. You need to manage everything all alone. The task seems simple, but there are numerous pitfalls. When you start installing a lawn, you may make numerous decisions that may cause problems afterward.

Therefore, you need to make a plan and identify the problems beforehand. You can also seek professional help during installation. They will provide tools that you cannot arrange on a budget. For instance, you may need an excavator for various reasons while installing a lawn. An excavator can help you with stump removal, adding trenches, and digging the hole. Below you will find some services that you can avail of while repairing and maintenance of your lawn.


Stump Removal

For installing a new lawn, you need to clear up the area from unattractive trees and objects. Many old homes may include tree stumps that you must remove. These stumps will make your lawn look unappealing and also attract unwanted diseases and pests. Removing these stumps requires an excavator. You can contact a professional excavator service provider and get the tree stump removed from your lawn.


You can add trenches to your lawn and use it for many reasons. For instance, it works as a protective barrier. Also, it prevents your lawn from water flooding. Trenches will direct the water in the right direction. Therefore adding trenches to the lawn can be beneficial.

However, making trenches with the household tool can be stressful and require days of effort. On the other hand, the excavator can help you make trenches while reducing your efforts. All you need to do is to hire a professional team with an excavator, and they will make trenches in your lawn within hours.

Tree Planting

Excavator service providers can also help you with tree planting. They will dig a hole with an excavator and place the bottom of the tree in the hole. After placing the tree in the hole, the service provider will add the soil to the root collar. That way, the trees will stand straight on your lawn without causing you any trouble.

Shed Demolition

Removing the shed on your lawn can be messy. But, when you need to clean your lawn for new installation or repair, you need to grab your tools and demolish the shed. You can also take a simple path and hire an excavator service to deconstruct the shed for you. Tearing down the shed by hiring a professional team will reduce the mess in your backyard and save a lot of time.

Hole Digging

You may already feel exhausted when you think about digging a hole in your backyard. Especially when you want to install a koi pond on your lawn, you need to do a lot of digging. Hiring an excavator service for digging the hole can be a great help. Also, they will take care of the dimensions and have extensive skills.


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I moved here from the North Shore four years ago. The previous owners had Lola’s taking care of the yard and from the very beginning they have done a great job. Any added requests are taken care of in a timely and professional manner. In the winter they take care of the driveway and my front stairs which I am very grateful for as I am a senior citizen. I would highly recommend their services. 

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