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Now is the best time for fall clean ups! The leaves have almost completely fallen off the trees making it the perfect time to get your yard cleaned up before the first snow fall. If you don’t want to lose your lush lawn you worked hard to maintain all spring and summer then it is important to clean up those leaves off your lawn.

Lawns need air and sunlight to grow and thrive even into the cooler winter months. Allowing leaves to stay on your lawn blocks both of these necessitates and can cause ugly, dead, brown patches on your lawn. And once the first snow fall has come it will be even more difficult to remove those leaves. You don’t want to spend your entire spring getting your lawn back to its lush green appearance so take care of it now before it is too late.

Don’t worry there is still time. Lola’s Landscape specializes in fall cleanups, extending into November and early December. Our crew will come to your property and remove all leaves and other debris from your lawn. Contact Lola’s Landscape today for your FREE ESTIMATE on your fall yard clean up today!

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