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Fall is finally here, give Lola’s Landscape a call today for our fall cleanup services; the phone number is: 774-248-4584.

Our fall cleanup services include: removal and bagging of leaves, picking up twigs, branches and other debris, and removing old perennial tops.

We also perform dethatching services in both the fall and spring. Over time, if you let leaves and other debris settle on your lawn, a layer of dead material will begin to grow on top of your soil. This layer of dead material will create a home for insects, who will then feed on your grass. We will remove this dead layer, stopping the increase of insect life, and opening up your grass’s soil to sunlight and rain water.

For more information about our fall cleanup services, please give us a call at 774-248-4584.We are looking forward to helping you maintain a healthy and prosperous lawn!

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