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Each region in the United States have their own fall lawn care regiment; here at Lola’s Landscape, we follow a strict fall lawn care system that will help our clients maintain a fresh and healthy lawn!

Take a look at just a few of the services we will be providing during our fall cleanup and lawn care services for the Norfolk County MA area:

  1. Fertilizing: It’s important to fertilize your lawn, at least once a year; if you’re only interested in fertilizing your lawn once, you should have us do it in the fall! We recommend fertilizing once in early fall and again during the end of the autumn season.
  2. Lawn Mowing: As the temperature starts to cool down, your grass will start to grow faster; we recommend having us mow your lawn on a regular basis.
  3. Pick em’ up: It’s important for the health and the look of your leaves if you pick up the fallen leaves and twigs. Wet and old leaves will attract insects that will feed on your grass from now until the spring, causing some serious damage to your grass!
  4. Overseeding: Fall is the ideal time for our overseeding services and products because, as we mentioned before, grass grows quicker and better in cold temperatures.
  5. Perennial Weeds: You don’t need them, so let us get rid of them for you! These weeds, are mostly dandelions, should be sprayed and removed by fall so that a new bud can grow for the spring.
  6. Aerating: Aeration will help loosen that compacted soil of yours; after a summer full of BBQs and children playing in your backyard, the soil is severely compacted; compacted soil means your soil is not getting the nutrients from sun and water it needs to grow healthy. Without a healthy soil, your grass will be eaten alive by insects and diseases.

For more information about fall lawn care, or to schedule a fall cleanup, please give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584. We are looking forward to helping you maintain a healthier lawn during the fall season.

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