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Pruning removes dead, damaged and diseased branches from trees and helps prevent insects and decaying organisms from entering. Mid to late fall is a great time to prune your trees, with the leaves gone you can see more of the tree and determine where corrective pruning is needed. Corrective pruning involves removing parts of the plant that are not growing in the correct manner or in the way you like.

Pruning trees to remove dead or broken branches as well as branches that are diseased or infected with insects will result in a healthier plant. You can also prune large and overgrown shrubs to thin them without affecting overall shape. Pruning trees is also important to make them more structurally sound and less prone to damage in storms. This makes the trees in your yard safer for you and your neighbors. In fact, some trees grow too tall and when they reach a certain height can be dangerous, pruning helps reduce the size of trees to keep them in a safe range. Pruning can also be done for aesthetic purposes if a tree is obstructing your view or blocking the sunlight, or if you’re looking to reshape or design your tree to a certain look.

Many pruning jobs involve workers going high up into tall trees requiring climbing, thick saws, chainsaws, and sometimes even cherry pickers to get to the tallest point of the trees. If you are in need of pruning services make sure you call the professionals at Lola’s Landscape to take care of everything safely and efficiently. Call us today at 774-288-4584, or Contact us by filling out the form below.

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