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We repaired a wooden fence in Bellingham MA; this fence was absolutely destroyed during the winter. The family was hosting a graduation party for their daughter, and wanted the fence fixed before guests gathered to celebrate this milestone.

For this repair, and all wooden fence repairs, we use rot-resistant lumber, because wooden fences, overtime tend to rot.

In Bellingham, we had to replace the posts and the bottom rails, because they were not installed properly; because of this, they were rotted and falling apart. Posts need to be treated or set in concrete, otherwise they will rot at ground level; if they rot at ground level, there goes the stability of your fence!

One weak post can send the entire fence tumbling down; the fence in Bellingham wasn’t pulled down, but it was certainly on its way.

We replaced the posts and the bottom rails with durable posts that were dipped in concrete.

Upon completion, the fence was looked great, and most importantly it was stable; it no longer threatened to fall or collapse during the next big wind storm we have!

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