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When is the best time to fertilize your lawn?

Some of our best memories are connected to our lawn where kids and dogs play, entertain guest or simply just enjoying yourself sitting down. To grow a fine-looking lawn that you can be proud of, one must develop the proper maintenance schedule.

To maintain your lawn looking its best, your lawn will need to be fertilized early spring when the grass begins to green up. Create a fertilizing schedule for the rest of the season based on the type of grass is in your lawn, the type of fertilizer and your climate. When purchasing lawn fertilizer, the label on the bag will recommend a scheduled based on the type of fertilizer it holds. Using the label on the bag as a tool will guide you on how often to apply the product and how much to use.

Basic Types of Fertilizer to use for your lawn:

Weed and feed – prior to using a weed and free product be sure to identify your weeds and make sure your weed is listed on the product label.

Slow Release – not used often, usually more expensive.

Fast Release – A home owner can see fast results when using a fast release fertilizer, be sure to apply them in small amounts more frequently.

Liquid Fertilizers – most people do not suggest liquid fertilizers, it is hard to apply evenly and requires frequent applications.

Organic materials – examples are compost and manure, these types of materials lack essential nutrients and must use a lot of it. Be sure to dry the manure before it is applied to the lawn. Some manures may contain weed seeds.

Additional helpful tips:

  • Be sure to water lawn a few days prior to fertilizing to avoid drought stress
  • To avoid burns in lawn make sure grass blades are dry
  • Fill the spreader on cement or driveway to easily sweep up spills
  • Avoid fertilizing during the hottest parts of the summer
  • Avoid over fertilizing your lawn

For fertilizing services or If you have any questions please feel free to give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584.

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