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Summer nights are the perfect time for gathering around a roaring fire with your friends. But before you throw that first logs on the fire make sure to review some of these firewood safety tips.

Firewood & Pests

You never want to apply pesticides to cut wood. Pesticides can cause insects to only burrow deeper into the wood. Also burning wood that has pesticides on it can cause chemicals to be released into the air in and around your home.

Store Wood Correctly

When it comes to storing seasoned wood make sure you store it in the proper conditions. If you plan on storing seasoned wood in your garage or outdoor workshop make sure there are no open ignition sources nearby. These include tools like grinders, torches or welders.

Purchase Local Firewood.

Many pests or diseases that can attack your trees travel through firewood, this is why it is very important to purchase local firewood. Emerald ash borer, Asian long-horned beetle, and thousand canker disease are all potential diseases that can attack your trees. By obtaining your wood locally you avoid importing pests into your area.

Don’t burn Poison Ivy

Poison ivy vines can often wrap around trees and end up in your firewood. If you notice poison ivy on your firewood do not try burning it or try removing the vine. If you miss some of the vines and end up burning the poison ivy it can be very dangerous. You can breathe in the smoke and have the poison oil enter your lungs causing serious health issues.

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