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Are your gutter systems have trouble filtering out rain water? It could mean leaves, twigs and other debris has clogged up your systems; when was the last time you’ve had them cleaned? If you can’t answer this question, it probably means you should get your gutters cleaned ASAP before more damage happens!

A family in Millis MA had the same problem, there gutter system was not draining out water. They called us, and when we climbed up the ladder, we could see that the gutters were filled with leaves, and twigs; we told them that the reason their systems weren’t draining water properly was because they were clogged up.

We were able to clean and empty out all of the built up debris from the gutter system; you could tell that the leaves were from last fall, which means their gutters have been clogged up for three straight seasons!

After we cleaned out the gutters, the family gave us a call and told us that their system was running a lot smoothly, and they would call us sooner to clean out their gutters before further damage was done to their systems!

So if your gutter systems are having difficulty draining water, stop and think of the last time you cleaned out your gutter system; if you can’t remember right away, chances are, it has been a while and you should call Lola’s Landscape immediately!

After each project, we make sure to cleanup after ourselves! We will be sure to throw away every last bit of leaves, twigs, and other debris we find and pull out of your gutters.

For more information or for a free estimate, please give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584.

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