How Do You Know When To Remove A Tree?

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It is often difficult to make the decision between continuing to maintain a tree and removing it completely. Often time’s trees will need to be removed when they develop a disease and begin to decay making them not structurally sound and potentially dangerous. Old trees can become damaged and unsafe from a number of factors including disease and insect damage. These old trees are hazardous to surrounding structures and could cause serious damage.

If a tree is dying and is not in danger of falling on a nearby structure or causing damage to its surroundings, often times it can be left to die without being taken down. But many times this is not the case. More often than not trees are located in close proximity to your home or other structure. This is why if your tree is dying it is best to take it down immediately to avoid potential hazards.

So how do you know when a full tree take down is necessary? It may be a tough decision, but often times taking down the tree will be the best bet in the long run. Removing a dead or dying tree is advisable as soon as you notice it. The longer you wait the more it decays on the inside and can be more difficult and dangerous to remove.

Although dying trees are a major reason for full tree takedowns, there are other reasons besides disease that could cause a tree to need to be taken down

  • Major storm damage
  • Very close proximity to home, building, utility lines,
  • Tree is leaning
  • Become a nuisance – dropping seeds, branches blocking light, inhibiting lawn growth
  • Roots pose serious threat to foundation, driveway, underground utilities, sidewalk

Whatever your reason our highly skilled team at Lola’s Landscape can safely remove any tree, regardless of size, location or condition. For more information about our full tree takedowns please call us today at 774-248-4584 or fill out the contact form below!

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