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Your lawn goes through a lot during all four seasons of the year; whether its rain, cold, or unbearably hot, the weather can be extremely tough on your lawn. 

These tough weather increments can leave your lawn looking thin and discolored; how do we help revive your lawn?

One way is by overseeding! The fall and the spring are ideal times for overseeding because of the cooler temperatures.

Before we go on with this process, we will have to choose the right seed for your grass; we only choose the highest quality of grass seed, so that less weeds grow on top of your soil.

After we’ve picked the weeds, we will mow your lawn short; this the one and only time we will have mow your lawn lower than three inches; in order for the seeds to get to the soil, the grass has to be cut very short.

Then when we cut the grass, we are able to spread the seed using our spreader. Of course we want to make sure we properly and equally spread the seeds throughout the yard.

Finally, we will water your grass to help the seeds properly grow. The next few weeks after we completed overseeding your lawn, make sure to water your grass on a regular basis. When your grass hits normal height, you can mow the lawn, just make sure the lawnmower is set at a high setting. If you need help in determining when you should cut your grass, or if you don’t own a lawnmower, call Lola’s Landscape, and we will take care of everything for you!

For more information about our overseeding services, please give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584.

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