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Having a healthy, green yard can really make your home look better and give you a place to relax and do things outside. A traditional way to grow a lawn is from seeds, but many people choose to plant sod grass instead because it is faster and more effective. Sod, which is also called turf, is grass that has already been grown. It comes in rolls or squares and makes your yard look green right away. Check out the step-by-step how to put down sod grass and turn your yard into a beautiful, healthy oasis in this guide.

Preparation is Key.

Getting the dirt ready for the construction process is very important for the success of your soil job. First, clear the area of any trash, rocks, or plants that are already there. To make sure the soil has a smooth place to grow roots, use a rake to level the ground. It’s a good idea to check the pH of the soil and add compost or dirt as needed.

Sort and Measure the Soil.

To figure out how much sod you need, correctly measure the area of your yard. When you order sod, make sure you buy it from a reputable company that sells high-quality grass types that will grow well in your area. To keep the soil fresh, the rolls should be brought as close to the fitting date as possible.

It’s All About Timing.

While the grass is growing, like in the spring or fall, is the best time to put down sod. The warm temperatures during these times of the year help plants and roots grow faster. Do not put down sod when it is very hot or very cold, as this can stress the grass and make it harder for it to take root.

Steps for Installation:

Wet the Soil: Before putting down the sod, water the prepared soil to give the roots a wet base. Be careful not to make the ground too wet, as this can make it harder to place the sod properly.

Start putting down sod. Sod rolls should be laid along the longest straight line of your yard, like a road or path. To make a more natural and strong lawn, space out the seams of the sod rolls like bricks.

Cut the sides. This will help the soil fit around curves and other obstacles. Make sure there are no holes between the pieces when they are put together.

Press and Water: Press each piece of sod hard into the ground after putting it down to make sure it sticks well. Right after putting down new sod, water it to help it settle and help the roots grow.

Care after Installation

Watering: For the first two weeks, keep the soil regularly wet to help the roots grow. Deeply water the plants, especially in the morning, and change how often you do it based on the weather.

Don’t Walk on It Too Much: For the first few weeks after sodding, don’t walk on or do other things that put a lot of stress on the new grass. This will give the roots time to set firmly in the soil.

Feed: After the first month, feed the plant with balanced manure to help it grow well. Follow the directions on the fertilizer box for how much to use.

How Lola’s Landscape Can Help

You can get help putting sod grass in your yard from a professional gardening or lawn care from Lola’s Landscape. We begin by evaluating the spot to learn about the quality of the dirt and other natural factors. We then get the soil ready by cutting down any grass or other trash that is there and making sure it is level and has the right soil amendments added.

With our knowledge, we help you choose the right kind of sod for your environment and yard. We order new sod that matches your yard and make sure it gets delivered on time. Contact us today to learn more about our sod installation service!

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