How to Maintain a Greener, Healthier Lawn

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Ever compare your lawn with your neighbor’s, and ask yourself how their lawn is so much greener than yours? The short answer, is because they maintain their lawn, and follow a lawn care program that keeps grass green and healthy.

What are these lawn care steps? When trying to repair your damaged grass, fertilizing, watering, de-thatching and cutting your grass are the first and some most important steps in the process.

Mowing your lawn and cutting your grass at the right length will help your grass grow longer and thicker. When mowing your lawn, we keep two very important concepts in mind: the height and the frequency. If you mow too much or too little you can really cause some damage to your yard. You want to make sure your grass is between two and three inches tall; if it’s shorter than two inches, the sun won’t hit the blades of the grass, which stunts photosynthesis.

Next is de-thatching; this process will remove any dead grass, leaves, sticks and other dead material from your grasses’ surface. Once we remove the dead material, your soil is finally able to breath and it can absorb the sunlight and rainwater it needs to survive and thrive.

Just like de-thatching, fertilizing will help give your soil the nutrients it needs to survive; with a strong, healthy soil, your grass will be able to grow, as well as fight off weeds, insects, and diseases. Getting your soil strong and healthy is the key to a greener grass. We typically follow a five step program for fertilizing; now that it is September, we will use what is called “General Fertilizer”.

These steps will help keep your lawn healthy and your grass greener than your neighbors! Also, for those who are struggling to produce a greener grass, these steps will have your lawn healthier and greener in no time!

For a free estimate, please give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584. We work in towns surrounding Frankin MA as well as Norfolk County. It is important to get that soil as strong and as healthy as possible, before the winter hits! Also, just a quick reminder, fall is coming, schedule an appointment for our Fall Cleanup Services, before it’s too late!

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