How to Maintain Your Lawn During a Drought

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Summer can be a tough time for your lawn, the hot sun, and little rain can really take a toll on your lawn. Massachusetts has seen little rain this summer which can leave your lawn looking brown and crispy as opposed to the lush green lawn you were hoping for. Thankfully there are a few tips and tricks to help maintain your lawn even when rain is scarce.

Restrict Mowing:

When rain is in abundance it is best to keep your grass short, but during a rain shortage let your grass grow a bit longer. The longer blades will mean a deeper root system which means the grass can get water deeper within the soil and not rely on rainwater as much

Reuse Clippings:

When you do mow your lawn during a drought, leave the clippings on your lawn. This can help return nutrients and moisture to the remaining blades and help prevent diseases.

Hydration Management:

During times of drought not only is rainwater scarce but you are often restricted by your use of hose water as well. Limit your lawns water to roughly an inch every week by only watering twice a week. Over watering could lead to soil runoff leading to a nutritional deficit. Also, be sure to water your lawn in the early morning hours or at night to help prevent evaporation from the sun.

Nutritional Diet:

Help your lawn stay healthy even when water is low by feeding it a nutrient rich fertilizer before the dog days of summer hit. We recommend fertilizing in the springtime that way when summer droughts roll around your grass will have energy stored up for the long haul.

If your lawn is looking like it could use a little TLC this summer call the lawn professionals at Lola’s Landscape. We know all the tips and tricks to keeping your lawn healthy even when the weather doesn’t want to cooperate.

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