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If you have an eye-sore of a pile of firewood somewhere on your Norwood area property, it may be a good idea to neatly stack it in a protected area. Not only will stacking it correctly make it look much neater, it will also be easier to access and keep your firewood dryer and more protected. You also want to make sure it’s stacked securely so it will not fall over every time you go to use some firewood.

pile of firewood

The basics of stacking firewood

If you find that after you’ve stacked wood in the past that it eventually falls over, you may be using the wrong techniques to stack. It’s important to start with a solid base off the ground. This means finding a flat area in your yard or property that is not sloped or un-even. Keeping the stack off the ground also helps the wood stay dry and not develop mold growth. If you want to go above and beyond it may be a good idea to dedicate an area in your home, shed or garage to store the wood to keep it even dryer. If you must store it outside it’s a good idea to build some sort of base using either other older wood or a platform to keep your useable firewood high and dry.

Season it!

No this does not mean to sprinkle your wood with some salt & pepper, this is the process of allowing your wood to have only 20% moisture content through drying. Luckily for your sake, Lola’s landscape handles this for you, providing high-quality seasoned firewood to all of our customers in the Norfolk, MA area! If your firewood is not seasoned properly, your fire will be much harder to light when the time comes to heat your home or outdoor fire.

Multiple stacks may be better

Having multiple smaller stacks of firewood rather than one large one may be beneficial for you for a few reasons. A smaller stack of firewood provides superior air flow and allows it to be more stable than a larger pile wood. It also opens up multiple areas as to where you can stack your wood. You won’t have to struggle when it comes to finding an area that’s large and flat enough as you can space it out over a few different areas. If you have a large amount of wood, it’s always a good idea to consider using multiple areas!

Firewood is a great way to heat your home or enjoy a bonfire outdoors this winter. If you need to re-stock or want to start burning, Lola’s Landscape has you covered! We provide on the highest quality wood, and deliver to areas all around Norfolk, MA. To set up your next delivery, give us a call today at 774-248-4584 or visit our firewood information page for a quote right now!



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