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Shovels and plows are designed to move huge volumes of snow with brute force. They are effective when clearing snow, but they can also wreak havoc on landscape elements if proper care is not taken.

Snow Shoveling Tips:

Here are some essential things to keep in mind when removing snow around your landscape:

  • Marking your property before beginning the cleaning operation is highly recommended. Most of the damage occurs when the driver cannot see what to avoid. Before the snow season, mark your landscaping to ensure that you know where to shovel and where to avoid.
  • Plant your beds and trees far away from your pavement to avoid any possible risk of damage.
  • Remove the snow as soon as possible. Fresh snow is easy to shovel, but it starts getting harder and denser due to pressure from fresh snow as the snow gets older. Rather than shoveling dense snow blocks, be proactive and remove the snow while it’s fresh.
  • Don’t pile the cleaned snow anywhere near the shrubs. This can damage the branches and can cause excessive salt buildup. This can also cause stress to the plants during the spring season.
  • If possible, don’t pile the snow on the lawn. Doing so stresses the grass and makes it susceptible to fungal infections. If there is no other option, you should try to break up the snow into smaller amounts and then spread them all over the lawn to spread the weight of snow.
  • Use a snowblower to direct all the snow to properly designated areas. Snowblowers also don’t cause as much damage to grass as a plow blade.
  • Trying not to handle ice-laden branches. They are brittle and are prone to damage. If you have to make any inspections, wait until some snow melts.
  • Hire professional snow removing contractor to ensure a professional cleaning. Snow contractors are experts, and they know how to protect the surroundings during a cleaning operation.
  • Keep any and all vehicles away from the lawn, even when the lawn is covered with snow. The constant weight applied by the car can lead to permanent damage to the grass.


These are some of the most valuable and time-tested tips that will help you protect your landscaping during any snow removal operation. If you want a professional snow contractor to remove the snow from your lawn without damaging it lawn, then please feel free to call us!

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