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The winter season in New England can feel like a long stretch. Last Halloween, we experienced snow, which is usually uncommon, but it shows how early the weather begins to drop. The cold season tends to hit its peak in January and February so winter can feel like a drag for landscaping, but it is just as important to maintain your yard as you do in all season. Here are some lawn care tips to ensuring your grass.

Yard Cleaning

Fall should be the best time to clean up the yard, but start cleaning up now if you have not done so. Yes, the weather is lower than you want it to be, but you’ll thank yourself. It doesnt become worse during spring when rain is imminent and how your lawn needs to be completely healthy and ready to go. 

Layer up the mulch

The best way to protect your trees, plants, and shrubs is by adding mulch (at least 2 inches) as it maintains a uniform temperature around the roots of the plants, which protects them throughout the winter.

Snow removal

Damaged tree branches or bulk leaves left around the yard can be a disease to your lawn and delay your lawn to grow when spring arrives. Hire a snow contractor to help maintain your yard without having to wait for the snow to melt in April when it is time to start on your landscaping.

Protect your plants

For healthier growth, you should consider pruning your plants in late winter or early spring. Hence, it allows the plants to benefit from producing new growth when the warmer temperature arrives. 

Don’t add too much salt.

Rock salt is used to help melt the snow/ice and add extra support when walking on the sidewalk. However, adding rock salt or other ice melt products can also cause stress and damage to your trees and lawn as the salt absorbs moisture taking away the plants needed nutrition. 




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