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Lola’s Landscape has over three decades of expertise in landscape design and works with residential and commercial customers.

Our Landscaping Services Include the Following:

Plants like bushes and trees:

I was already growing plants and bushes before I started doing masonry, hardscaping, or asphalt pavement. I enjoyed it very much, and I do to this day. We may clear the area in front of the house of the bushes and plant new ones within a single day. Although azaleas, rhododendrons, rose of Sharon, and evergreens are the most common options, a wide variety of other plants may be used to give the impression that the area is more densely planted.

Turf Grass Lawns:

In only one day, you CAN have a gorgeous lawn that is lush and green. We know the ins and outs of putting in the ideal lawn. To supply your sod lawns with the necessary amount of hydration and lengthen their lifespan, I strongly suggest investing in an irrigation system.

As a result of our extensive prior expertise, we possess the adaptability necessary to construct the outdoor area of your dreams. In addition to maintaining the appearance of your grass and bushes, we can create retaining walls, paved driveways and walkways, and offer other paving services. Regardless of whether you have a specific plan in mind for your area, our staff can supply you with the necessary assistance in any case.


Your home’s curb appeal and value may both benefit from having a landscape that has been thoughtfully planned, developed, and built. X Landscape Construction is an industry leader in conceiving and executing stunning landscape designs.

Lola’s Landscape takes excellent delight in enhancing your home’s aesthetic value in a manner tailored to your own taste and preferences. We evaluate your house, during which we also listen to your requirements, worries, and goals, and then we recommend the course of action that will most effectively turn your vision into a reality.

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