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Braintree, MA, is known for its beautiful yards, so keeping up with the Joneses might overwhelm you. Well, fear not! Hiring a landscape contractor can relieve some of the stress of maintaining your yard. There are a wide variety of landscaping services available that range from weekly lawn maintenance to full lawn installation. Furthermore, many contractors will offer season-specific services such as snow plowing. Let’s take a look at what you can expect.

Installing Lawn Properly

Landscape Contractors in Braintree


Landscaping and Lawn Care

This is the most common type of service that people look for. You can discuss the specific needs of your yard with a professional contractor. In general, they can come by and cut your grass, trim your bushes, clean up leaves and debris, and pull out your weeds. Basically, they’ll ensure your garden looks tidy.

Furthermore, if you are having problems with pests, they’ll know exactly how to get rid of them. Alternatively, they can also help you with the landscaping design and lawn installation if you’re looking for an entirely new garden. As you may already know, choosing plants that can thrive in the New England weather is important. Speaking of which, do you have a tree that’s dying? Well, your landscape contractor can help remove it and dispose of it before it does any damage to your house or car.

Seasonal Services

A landscape contractor knows your yard has different needs depending on the season. You can count on them to rake and pick up leaves in the fall, help you plow snow in the winter, and know what flowers or vegetables you should plant in the spring.

Furthermore, don’t hesitate to ask if you have a specific need. These experts will know how much water your lawn needs in the summer and will be on the lookout for any waterlogging that can lead to the population of pesky mosquitos that give you such a hard time in the garden.


Landscaping isn’t just all about plants, though. Many of the contractors here in Braintree offer many other construction services for your yard. This can include driveway extensions, fences, drainage systems, and patios, and some can even help if you want a pool. They’ll provide you with a catalog of options and prices, and work together with you in order for your vision to become a reality in your budget.

Having the yard of your dreams is possible! Hiring landscape contractors in Braintree can help you enjoy more free time to relax and actually have a pleasant time in your garden – as opposed to always having to work in it. Having a place where to spend time with your family and entertain and impress your neighbors will greatly improve your quality of life!

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