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When it comes to commercial real estate, the landscape is more than simply an aesthetic consideration. It greatly affects the property’s worth, makes a good impression on customers and workers, and functions as an extension of the brand’s identity. Let’s take a deeper look and explore the rising trends in today’s commercial property landscape.

Emphasizing Sustainability

Sustainable landscaping is becoming essential in creating contemporary commercial properties, thanks to the rising awareness of the need to do one’s part to protect the environment. Conservation of water, use of native plants, and environmentally conscious upkeep practices are all part of this trend.

Drip irrigation and intelligent controllers are two examples of water-efficient irrigation systems becoming more popular due to their ability to cut operating expenses and water waste. Native plant integration has several benefits, including increased biodiversity, reduced water and maintenance needs compared to invasive species, and support for sustainability initiatives in the long run.

Practical Space Planning for Diverse Aspects

Practicality is essential in modern business landscape architecture. To meet the varied demands of their tenants, workers, and guests, property owners and developers are placing a premium on outdoor areas that may be used for various purposes.

A popular trend is the incorporation of multi-purpose gathering spaces that may host everything from informal meetings and outdoor meals to community events and health programs. Incorporating seating configurations, shade structures, and Wi-Fi access into an outdoor space encourages teamwork, efficiency, and communication.

In addition, commercial landscaping is starting to embrace the idea of biophilic design, which aims to bring people closer to nature. Incorporating green features such as rooftop gardens, green walls, and urban forests into buildings has several benefits, including but not limited to better air quality, less stress, and greater tenant well-being.

Experiential Landscapes for Enhanced Engagement

Experiences like kinetic installations, sculpture gardens, and augmented reality provide unique, unforgettable moments that pique interest, bring people together emotionally, and encourage exploration. By incorporating these features into the landscape, landlords may add value to their properties, draw in customers, and improve the user experience.

Commercial landscapes may be made even more dynamic by strategically using lighting, soundtracks, and seasonal programming to make them change throughout the day and the seasons. Activations, such as outdoor concerts, art installations, or farmer’s markets, bring areas to life and foster a feeling of community and belonging.

Time to Build a Landscape that Attracts

The dynamic, innovative, and environmentally conscious commercial property landscapes of the future may go beyond their traditional function. By creating surroundings that embrace trends like sustainability, utility, and experiential design, stakeholders may increase the value of their properties and improve the lives of those who reside there.

The landscape will continue to play an essential role in commercial real estate strategies. It is a blank slate for imagination, originality, and human connection in a dynamic and unpredictable environment. By observing new trends and following ethical design principles, stakeholders can create landscapes that inspire, delight, and last for decades, and we are here to partner with you. Contact us to design the perfect oasis for your landscape. 


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