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Installing a lawn can be very rewarding, but often, there is so much more to it than just laying down some sod or planting grass seed. Properly installed lawns avoid clear-cut mistakes that keep the lawn thin in areas that grow poorly or waste much time and resources. Here are some of the most common lawn installation mistakes and how to avoid them.


Ignoring the soil preparation phase.

This is the most essential part of lawn installation. Most individuals lay sod or spread seeds on any soil. Healthy grass requires well-drained, fertile soil with the right pH. Start with soil testing to see its pH and fertility. Tests can determine if your soil is deficient in anything and what needs to be added to it. It may be too acidic; lime must be added in this case. On the other hand, sulfur will need to be used if it is too alkaline. Also, till the soil to at least a depth of 6-7 inches to loosen it up so the roots can move in quickly.


Not Properly Leveling

Proper grading ensures that the water drains away from buildings and doesn’t leave a puddle on a lawn, which can lead to poor growth. Grade the area correctly to avoid any erosion. In the process of preparing the soil, make a gradual slope away from the structures and low spots where the water can collect. This can be done better by creating a 1-2% slope away from buildings.


Timing is Everything

Timing is everything in laying a lawn. Laying sod or sowing grass seeds at the wrong time of the year can affect establishment and growth. Planting early in fall or spring is best for cool-season grasses and late spring to early summer for warm-season grasses. This timing allows the grass to establish its root depth before the extremes of summer or winter.


Infrequent Watering

A newly installed lawn needs constant moisture to establish its roots. The common mistake of not providing enough water or even overwatering occurs. Water the lawn immediately after installation, ensuring the soil is moist but not soggy. During this period, keep the top few inches of the soil consistently moist for the first few weeks. Gradually reduce the watering frequency as the grass is established, but provide deep watering to enable the deepest possible rooting.


Thinking of Adding a New Lawn?


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