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Our lawn renovation is a series of steps that combine dethatching, aeration, slice seeding, and if needed adding some loam into areas of the lawn. We then heavily seed and fertilize the lawn with starter fertilizer to help bring the lawn back.


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Keeping your lawn healthy and prosperous, can seem like a full time job; because it is! Hiring a professional landscaping team, like Lola’s can help keep your lawn healthy. Without proper care, like De-thatching, watering, and fertilization, your lawn can fall victim to insect invasion, and various grass diseases.

Insects will lay their eggs in areas where there is a lot of food for their young; this includes both healthy and unhealthy lawns. The catch is, the healthy lawn, the one that is maintained on a regular basis, will not be affected by this insect invasion. The lawn that was not healthy or prosperous before the insect invasion, will be worse, and more costly to repair! The lesson that should be learned here is to keep a well maintained yard to fight off insect invasions and grass diseases!

Here are just a few tips on lawn maintenance to keep a healthy yard: Water your yard about two days a week. Try not to water your grass during the late afternoon or evening because this will help develop lawn diseases. Also, mowing your lawn and using the right amount of fertilizer will help promote a healthier, disease-free lawn. Controlling the amount of thatch buildup on your soil line is important for a healthy lawn. Thatch just means leaves, roots, and stems that will build up over time, if they are not removed.

Taking care of your lawn, and repairing the damage that the environment, diseases, and insects have caused over time, can be difficult to keep up with. That’s why, here at Lola’s Landscape, we will provide the professional services that will repair any damaged lawn, and help each customer create and maintain a healthy and prosperous lawn!

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