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The nice weather is finally here! It’s time to enjoy this nice weather by spending some time outside with family and friends; after all, summer is the season of BBQs! Unfortunately, with the warm weather, mosquitoes, ticks and other annoying flies make a return.

Here at Lola’s Landscape, we have a spray that can counter the return of the mosquito population! Our six step program will help you and your family enjoy the outdoors without worrying about mosquitoes.

Our six step program is as follows:

  1. Last weeks of April
  2. Mid May
  3. Last week of May
  4. Last week of June
  5. Last week of July
  6. Last week of August

During the spring and summer months, people want to take advantage of the nice weather, because everyone knows it won’t last forever! Unfortunately when with the nice weather, mosquitoes are always around to crash the party. However, our six step mosquito spray can help eliminate the mosquito outbreak.

For more information on how it works, or for a free estimate, please give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584. We are looking forward to helping you enjoy the outdoors this spring/summer, with your family and friends!



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