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Although winter seems to be lingering on like an unannounced house guest, we promise, Spring will be here soon. Bookings in Norfolk County for Spring Clean-Ups have already begun coming in. Our Spring Clean-Ups involve removing all debris from the winter, including leaves and limbs that have been scattered all over your yard. Additionally, Lola’s Landscape provides home and property owners brush chipping.

Brush Chipping in Norfolk County

Another service that is highly sought after busy Winter’s is brush chipping. Lola’s Landscape is fully equipped to handle any type of brush chipping job. If you have any sized property, large or small, you have probably run into some issues after the many storms we have encountered in February & March this year. Due to the nature of the high winds we have experienced with the storms (some areas reported winds over 50mph or more) we are expecting a higher demand for Spring clean-ups and brush chipping this year.

Schedule Brush Chipping in Norfolk County

We are available starting now to provide this service to Norfolk residents or business owners. To schedule service or inquire about this service, contact us today!


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