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This winter’s mild temperatures and little snowfall have made Massachusetts homeowners itching to tend to their lawns for some time now. But there may be something else in their lawns making homeowners itch this spring…. pests.

Due to the mild winter, pests including fleas and ticks have been able to enjoy a fairly stable living condition in your lawn. Now that spring is here it is important to take the necessary steps to help protect your lawn from unwanted pest this season.

Pests, like fleas and ticks, are drawn to your lawn for many different reasons. From overgrown lawns to things like bird feeder spills can create for ideal conditions for pests. Pests can also commonly be found in your pet’s favorite outdoor hangout. That shady spot on your lawn that your pets love to lay in all day may be harboring pests that could catch a ride on your furry friends and into your home. Take extra special care on these areas, remove any standing water, and trim the lawn and overgrown shrubs in that area.

Edges of maintained landscaping are also places where your lawn may be experiencing an increase in pest intruders. One way to help protect this area is to remove dead leaves, weeds, and other debris and create a border along your lawn with cedar or lining.

And in order to rid your lawn of pest completely there is also pest control spraying. At Lola’s Landscape, we provide pest control services, to maintain a healthy lawn, disease-free trees, and a better outside living environment! Call us today for mosquito, tick, ant, flea or tree spraying.

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