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If you’re someone dealing with unwanted visitors in your home (predictably the kind with antennas, fur, and/or many legs) you might be tempted to do some quick searching on the matter.

You hear it often: don’t believe everything you read on the internet and, its good advice. With so much false information floating around, it’s easy to be misled into believing some of the following pest control myths.

Soap is An Effective Mouse Repellent

First, let’s get something clear-mice are highly intelligent rodents. Some people even believe they could have the same thinking capacities as dogs! If you see a mouse in your home, it’s time to call in a professional; mice do not live alone.

Many people believe that strong smelling soap is a natural deterrent for mice. Could this technique really work on an intelligent and crafty animal like this?

Turns out you won’t have to spare that last bar of Irish Spring after all as this is just another one of those internet urban legends.

The most effective way to keep mice away is to make sure they have no access to your food. It’s also important to block and seal points of entry-this includes any spaces around the wall panels and cracks in the walls or flooring.

The Exterminator Will Only Spray Harsh Chemicals

For people with children and animals in the home, it’s more than reasonable to be wary of chemicals. Exterminators understand and share these concerns-it’s why they do their best to get the job done with the least amount of toxic substances.

There are many options exterminators can choose from to stop pests from coming into your home. To ensure safety and health concerns, they will choose the best option based on your unique situation. This may include setting traps, blocking pest entryways, or targeting very specific areas for treatment.

You Can Get Rid of Pests Yourself

Everyone has that one person in their family-the one that insists on doing everything themselves in order to save money (and to score some bragging rights). However, pest control is an important area of work to leave to the professionals. Missing an important step or piece to the puzzle could mean serious damage to your house or health.

Pest control experts have important knowledge on the animals and insects invading your home. Not only can they spot the differences in types of animals and insects, but they know their behaviors and habitats.

Hopefully, these busted myths will help you in dealing with any pest control issues you may have. The most valuable advice is to always refer to a pest control specialist. If you have further questions or uncertainties: give your local pest control business a call.

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