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After weeks and weeks of promising Spring weather on the Lola’s Blog, it looks like Spring is finally here to stay. It seemed like Winter wanted to linger longer than usual in Norfolk County, but no worries, it’s time to enjoy your yard and the outdoors. But what puts a damper on your beautiful yard more than annoying neighbors? Out of controls pests that cause havoc to your outdoor life. With that in mind, here is a list of our pest control services at Lola’s Landscape:

Mosquito & Tick Control: Lola’s Landscape has a 6 step spray process to reduce or eliminate mosquito’s and ticks in your Norfolk Property. The spraying starts in April and goes until the end of  summer. If you have children, pets, or just spend a lot of time of your property this mosquito and tick spray is a great idea. Norfolk County is a heavily wooded area, don’t leave anything up to chance.

Flea, Tick, & Ant Control: This is another perfect service for those Norfolk homeowners who have children and pets. If you have a dog who spends a lot of time running around your property and woods then you’ll want to do everything you can to eliminate fleas. This process only takes about 20 minutes, and we come back about 6 times throughout the Spring and Summer.

Tree Spraying: Do you have pests that destroy your landscapes trees and other plants? Then our tree spraying service is perfect for you. We have preventative solutions, to stop these insects from coming in the first place. We also provide a solution if your property has already been inundated with destructive insects.

Ready to put these pests to rest? Contact Lola’s Landscape today. Proudly serving the Norfolk County!

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