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Sit back and relax while we play in the dirt for you. We will help you plant you shrubs, trees, flowers, or all three at the same time! Whether there are a couple of trees, or a dozen shrubs, no job is too small or too big. With years of experience, our landscapers have the knowledge and resources to make sure each and every one of your plants is installed properly.

Proper installation is essential to the survival of any plant; our experienced landscapers know all the tricks and techniques to ensure a successful installation process. In order to give your plant the ultimate chance for survival, there are just a few steps we have to take to make your plant thrive with life. One of the most important changes is to the soil. We will amend the soil so that it has proper drainage capabilities, moisture retention, aeration, and nutrients.

Here is just a quick look at what our planting services include:

  • We will visit your yard prior to the installation of any plant, to check the soil and verify which location would be best.
  • Proper installation of all plant material. As mentioned earlier, plants need to be installed the right way if they are to live a prosperous life.
  • Adjusting the soil, if needed. Soil is essential in maintaining plant health.
  • We will give you instructions on how to maintain the health of all your plants

Getting started is easier than ever; simply schedule an appointment, tell us what type of plants you want installed, and tell us where. The telephone number you can reach us at is 774-248-4584. We are looking forward to helping you transform your yard into the envy of all your neighbors!

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