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This isn’t a certainty yet, however, there is talks about another snowstorm for early Thursday morning, continuing into the morning commute! If this is the case, make an appointment today for our snow plowing services!

This winter has been one of the wildest winters I can remember; there has been snow after snow after snow this winter! If we are getting a big snow storm, please call Lola’s Landscape to schedule a time for us to clear your driveway and any walkways.

These are the towns where we plow: Franklin, Norfolk, Medway, and Millis MA.

Now, because of all the snow we were hit with this winter, your grass and soil have been taking pretty big hits too, and they will need some nutrition to grow healthy and green this spring. We provide great landscape services that will help both your grass and soil receive the nutrients it needs to prosper during the spring and summer seasons!

For more information about either our plowing or landscape services, please give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584.

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