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Have you experienced the wrath of winter and gypsy moths in previous years? If so, Lola’s Landscape is here to help! We have recently purchased a 200 gallon spray machine to combat these pests! We have both pesticide and organic options to fit anyone’s needs. If you are unaware about these moths and what they do to your property, read on!

What Are Winter & Gypsy Moths

Winter and gypsy moths are invasive insects that destroy trees. The came into the United States from Canada and are most commonly observed in the late fall, early winter. However, they start their life cycle in the Spring as a caterpillar. March and April is when these eggs begin to hatch, with each female being able to lay upwards of 150 eggs. The caterpillars work their way into the tree buds and leaves to feed. Massachusetts is a prime breeding ground for these creatures.

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Late March all the way up through May is a good time to spray for Winter and Gypsy moths. The pricing of this service depends on the size of your property. If you are looking for a quote, contact us online today!

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