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Snow mold is a fungal disease that appears on your lawn as snow melts and is usually visible in the early spring. Snow mold becomes active and thrives under your snow covered lawn during the winter. Snow mold can also be seen under wet leaves during the winter months.

Snow mold comes in two types either gray or pink and has a web-like appearance.  Snow mold occurs when too much snow stays on the ground for an extended period of time, and the longer the snow sticks around, the more it spreads.

Often time’s areas that are common to late snowfalls and damp springs like New England can become susceptible to lawn diseases like snow mold. Gray snow mold is often seen in areas where snowfall extends into the spring even as temperature warms. The grass under the mold can die out leaving brown patches covering your lawn.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to

  • On the last cut of the season, mow your grass a little shorter than normal
  • Rake leaves and clean lawn completely before 1st snowfall
  • Use low nitrogen lawn fertilizer

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