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At Lola’s Landscaping, we are expert snowplowers. We provide snowplowing for both commercial and residential properties and our drivers are fully insured and know the best practices and tips for safe and practical snowplowing techniques. If you are starting out snowplowing yourself, take some of these tips from the expert snowplowers in Norfolk County.

When Transporting a Snowplow: You should angle the blade to the right, doing this will reduce the chance of catching a curb or snowbank and risking pulling your truck into it.

Do Not Go Faster Than 40 MPH When Transporting A Plow

Do Not Go Faster Than 14 MPH When Plowing

If Its Yours First Time Plowing An Area: Talk with the property owner about any objects of landscaping materials that could be hidden by snow. This will prevent damage to your plow and the homeowners property.

When Plowing on Dirt & Gravel: Lower the plow shoes. This will prevent scraping away the ground surface.

Be Weary of your Transmission Temperature:  A common transmission issue is caused by the overheating of your transmission due to plowing. You might want to invest in a transmission temperature reader.

These are just a few basic tips when it comes to the art of snowplowing. If you are looking for snowplowing in Norfolk County this winter, contact us at Lola’s Landscaping.

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