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Successfully planting trees, shrubs, and flowers is no small task. A lot more goes into planting than just sticking something in the ground and covering it with dirt. If you struggle to keep your plants alive or are looking to venture into planting for the first time, use these preparation tips to set you and your plants up for success!

Choose a Location

Not all locations are equal when it comes to planting. Locations that are close to a construction site have had an oil or gas spill, and those with poor water drainage systems will all make it difficult to plant something and have it flourish. Using an at home soil test kit is a great way to learn more about your potential planting location and determine how much fertilizer will be required and other changes that may need to be made to the nearby drainage system. Creating a raised flowerbed that sits at a 12-18-inch slope higher than the ground below is a good option if you’re dealing with an especially difficult location.

Pick the Plants You Want to Use

Next, it’s time to pick the plants you want to use. You can choose from a variety of trees, shrubs, annual and perineal flowers. Do some research to find plants that will thrive the best in your location and the type of soil you’ll be planting into. Invest in plants that are healthy when you purchase them. The transplanting process is stressful for plants, and if you purchase a plan that already isn’t doing the best, it may not survive the transition.

Holding the Plants

Different types of plants should be planted at different times of the year to see the best growth. If you need to hold the plants after purchase until it’s the right time to plant them, keep them in the container you purchased them in. Plants that are in pots should be kept in a shaded area and watered daily, or according to the directions that came with the plant.

Prep the Soil

Dig individual holes for each plant you’ll be planting. The hole should be roughly twice the size of the roots of the plant and tall enough that the top of the soil the plant is currently in will meet the top of the soil you’re putting it into perfectly. Then, cover fills the hole back in and follow the care instructions for each specific plant regarding watering and fertilizer.

If you need an extra hand getting prepared for new plants or choosing the right plants for your space, we can help! Contact Lola’s Landscape today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our planting and soil preparation services.

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