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With temperatures in Boston predicted to hit 70 degrees this week there is no denying that spring is here! And while you are cleaning out your home for spring cleaning don’t forget about your lawn. Spring Cleanups are the perfect way to get your lawn looking perfect come spring.

If you didn’t prepare in the fall for the winter your lawn may look like a mess this spring. For many yards leaves and debris will accumulate on your lawn throughout the winter and when the snow melts and spring finally arrives your lawn will need some work.

Spring clean ups include the removing of winter mess from lawn and surrounding plantings, as well as removing dead and damaged branches from trees and shrubs.

In addition to cleaning up any mess on your lawn we will also give your winter lawn a facelift for spring. We will remove any old perennials that were not removed in the fall to make room for fresh new plants, as well as provide mulching services. Mulching will not only stop the growth of weeds it will also help keep your soil moist and rich all spring long.

March is the perfect time to evaluate your landscaping plan for the upcoming season and determine if changes should be made. Now is also a good time to repair and damaged areas in your lawn with spot seeding as well as assess your lawn for snow mold which can often appear after a long winter.

Don’t wait, get your lawn looking right for spring now! Lola’s Landscape will come to your home and remove all of winter’s mess leaving your lawn looking like new! Call us today for your free estimate!

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