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Spring is finally here, the worst winter in years is finally over! After that cold and snowy winter, your lawn is probably in rough shape and in need of some maintenance! Not to worry, Lola’s Landscape has the experience to provide just the right amount of lawn care to replenish your yard after a long winter.

We offer a variety of services, when combined, can help produce a healthy, green and beautiful lawn. Some of these lawn care services include:

These services are just the remedy your lawn needs after a crazy cold and snowy winter! Combined, these care services can help produce a beautiful, and most importantly, healthy grass.

Our lawn care services help to provide the nutrients your soil was missing during the winter; a soil that gets the right amount of nutrients is strong enough to produce a healthy lawn that can fight off diseases and insect invasions.

These lawn services, along with rain water and sunlight during the spring, will help produce a strong soil. Remember, a strong and healthy soil produces green grass!

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