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Winter is finally over, and spring has begun; let’s just hope for no more snow!! Now is the time to schedule our spring lawn cleanup services, before we are overbooked! Ask about our seasonal package deals, too! 

After a long and rough winter, your lawn is in need of some serious maintenance! Over the winter, leaves, twigs and other debris has built up, and as the snow melts, you will see just how much debris is covering your lawn.

After the snow melts, and we removed all of the debris, we also provide dethatching services, which will get rid of the dead material that lays on top of your grass and soil; insects make this dead material their home, where they enjoy feeding on your soil! Detahtching will rid your yard of this dead material, helping to destroy insects, and ultimately helping to keep your soil healthy and strong.

We also provide mulching services, which will help kill leaves, as well as creating moist and rich soil.

For more information about our spring cleanup services, or to schedule an appointment, please give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584.

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