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If your lawn is looking patchy and brown it may be time for a lawn renovation Spring is the perfect time to renovate your lawn, as snow melts and your lawn begins to wake up from the long winter chances are it could use some attention. Lawn renovations focus on improving the existing conditions of your lawn without killing the existing vegetation. This involves planting grass seeds into an existing lawn area, as well as adding new grass to repair damage or increase tolerance to drought, shade or wear and tear.

Lawn renovations will leave your lawn looking lush full and healthy, but it is not a quick fix. A full renovation is a commitment to your lawn, everything from dethatching, watering and fertilization. Bringing your lawn back to life can quickly become a full-time job. At Lola’s Landscape, our lawn renovation combines a series of steps including dethatching, aeration, slice seeding and adding some loam into areas of the lawn. We also heavily seed and fertilize the lawn with starter fertilizer to help bring the lawn back to life.

Another benefit to lawn renovation is to help prevent insects from laying eggs and ruining your lawn. Insects will lay their eggs in areas where there is a lot of food for their young. Lawn renovations are important to keeping your lawn well maintained. A well-maintained lawn will help fight off insects invasions while a lawn that is in need of repair will be made noticeably worse from insect invasion and in turn more costly to repair.

Don’t let your lawn get any worse, call Lola’s Landscape to get a free estimate on a full lawn renovation today!

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