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We put forth a lot of effort every year to maintain our lawns healthily and appeal. One of the key reasons is that our families and friends may enjoy themselves while spending time outside. Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones who believe that summer is the best season to admire a lovely yard. During the warmest season, dangerous pests are also at their height. Here are some of the most prevalent risks in our area, along with recommendations for dealing with them.


Because these bugs are so minute, the damage they wreak will almost probably be visible before you notice them. Flowers, leaves, or stems sprouting in strange twisted forms are frequently the first symptom. Honeydew, the sticky fluid they leave behind that progressively becomes black, is another hint. They usually occur in big bunches, so you’ll probably notice them everywhere once you notice them.


However, even large groups of them rate quite low in terms of potential devastation. They’re also a popular meal for ladybugs and other beneficial insects you’d like to have in your yard. Nonetheless, their sheer numbers may be disconcerting. With a few well-aimed sprays from a hose, you can impede their activity. If you want to get rid of them completely, you should go to a lawn care business like Arbor-Nomics.



These worms have voracious appetites and may eat a whole garden in a surprising amount of time. Fortunately, birds are also eager for armyworms; in fact, an increase in the number of winged visitors to your yard might be one of the earliest symptoms of an armyworm infestation.

Birds may be able to solve the problem for you, depending on the amount of the infestation. If not, you may fight back by picking them up one by one and placing them in a soapy water container. Many individuals become tired of this before they cure the problem, so that a lawn service business can be your best choice. Arbor-Nomics’ Silver Plus, Gold Plus, and Platinum plans all contain two armyworm prevention treatments.

Fire Ants


As far as we can determine, fire ants are born with a sour attitude that only worsens with time. If someone upsets one of their characteristic mounds, they quickly protect it with stings that are first extremely painful but quickly decrease into acute itching. Serious instances are uncommon, but they do happen, especially in those who are allergic to their venom. Fire ants may kill a large animal or an adult human in large enough quantities; assaults kill approximately a dozen Americans each year.

Because there are so many distinct kinds of fire ants, each with its size and look, identifying them by sight can be difficult. Contact Lola’s Landscape for a consultation on taking proper care of your lawn!



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