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To control the growth of the branches and leaves of your tree or plant, pruning is a must! There are different seasons and times where pruning can take place; one of the prime times is at the end of summer.

The end of summer season is one of the best times for pruning because the plant or tree has already completed its seasonal growth.

When we perform this service, we are providing your plant with a slowing effect that reduces the total leaf surface; when we reduce the total leaf service, we reduce the amount of food and nutrients sent to the roots.

Why prune and why slow down the growth of your plants? Well, the short answer is that this service will help your trees and plants last longer, and it will remove any dead wood and branches.

Without this service, defective leaves and branches will be more noticeable, taking away the beauty of your plant or tree.

It also helps to enhance flowering!

Don’t wait too long to prune! After the summer season, we will not be offering our pruning services until winter time. Fall is the worst time to attempt this service because of the spread of fungi.

To schedule our summer pruning services, please give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584.


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