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The nice weather is finally here! With the sun and heat, brings the return of mosquitoes and ticks! These annoying insects, really can ruin an event; who wants to sit outside when there are mosquitoes and other pesky insects flying around? Certainly no one we know! 

Not to worry, our mosquito spray will get rid of those annoying mosquitoes, pronto! We have a six step program that will help remove mosquitoes and ticks from your yard and property for the summer:

  1. Last weeks of April (though it’s already May, there’s still time to get the first step accomplished!)
  2. Mid May
  3. Last week of May
  4. Last week of June
  5. Last week of July
  6. Last week of August

With our spraying services, you can enjoy cook outs and other parties outside without worrying about mosquito and their itchy bites!

Our spray also kills off the tick population; for those with pets, ticks are a real problem!

For more information about our mosquito and tick spray, please give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584.

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