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Just the other day, we had a phone call from a man, who lived in Bellingham MA, and he was interested in our tree services. He said that he had a really old tree in his back yard, which had dead branches hanging over his neighbor’s garage and cars. He said he spoke with his neighbor, who said he was nervous about the tree falling on his garage, or harming one of his children.

We arrived on site, and could see that the next big storm would most likely cause the branches to fall into his neighbor’s property; which could potentially cost him a lot of money in repairs. We decided that it would be the safest choice to just knock down the whole tree; that way he won’t have to keep paying a company to trim up the branches.

The way the tree was angled, we had to ask our customer if we could use his neighbor’s driveway to park our truck. He ended up asking his neighbor, and his neighbor said no problem.

With the neighbor’s permission, we parked our car in the driveway, and we were able to get started on taking down this massive oak. In the end we were successfully able to remove the tree from the backyard.

Both the neighbor and our customer were both very pleased with the swift work we just completed. They both felt safer, and our customer said that he can finally relax now that he doesn’t have to worry about paying for his neighbor’s damaged property!

We provide tree services, which include complete removal, stump removal, and branch trimming to residents of Bellingham MA. We also provide landscape services, from maintenance, lawn care, lawn installation, and more to residents and businesses. If you are interested in any of our landscape services, please give us a call at 774-248-4584.

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