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We just recently removed a tree from a yard in Millis MA. The family said that the tree was very old, and that they were worried that it wouldn’t make it through the winter; we did hear that this winter was going to be a bad one. If we’re getting the snow everyone is predicting, old trees could buckle under all that snow!

This family didn’t want to risk harming their children, or neighbor’s property, if the tree did end up collapsing, so they decided to have it removed.

Here at Lola’s Landscape, we offer affordable and reliable tree removal services; we were able to easily remove the tree from their yard.’

Having a tree that has been aging over the years can be very dangerous. If your tree does end up falling and harming someone or your neighbor’s property, there will most likely be a lawsuit waiting for you; so don’t wait too long to have your tree removed!

For more information, or for a free estimate, please give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584.


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